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Anything Goes Versus
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Bengal tiger vs Wild Dogs
African Lion vs Grizzly Bear
God of War !
Cougar vs. Snow Leopard
Top 10 most powerful land animals
Top 10 most bad ass no joke dogs
Hyena vs. Jaguar
Mike Tyson vs. Bruce Lee
Canadian Wolverine vs. Honey Badger
Lion vs. Tiger
Badabing vs. Face
Gandalf the White vs. Dumbledore?
Chuck Norris vs. Mr. T
Scotland vs Ireland
Red Hulk/WWH v. Wolf Pred/Pred
Sub Zero vs Batman
Scotland vs U.S.
DK(myself) vs Sol!
Chuck Liddell vs. Anderson Silva UFC
BruceSkywalker v. Nightwing
The S.A.S vs Navy Seals
the beatles vs elvis/michael jackson/madonna/jimi hendrix
smiley vs smiley
Gary Coleman(Blood Lusted) VS Danny Devito (from the 80s)
barny grumble vs dr zoidberg
Jack Bauer vs Solid Snake
Popeye The Sailor Man vs. Cartoon Superman
Neo Darkhalen Vs. Scarlet Speed
Homer Simpson vs Philip J. Fry(futurama)
Pinky vs Stewie vs Homer
Chuck Norris vs King Leonidas
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