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Rules etc..
Rules & Staff
yes those bloody rules...and a list of our staff
This is the place to go to introduce your self
Members Pics
Come and show us what you look like behind the Mask.
Forum Sugesstions & Discussion
How the forum looks and any suggestions that you have, plus Layouts and smilies
Game Arcade
discuss and review the games we have in the arcade, also post your highscores.
Cocktail Lounge
It's the Team Authority's Cocktail Lounge! Here's the place where we can anything random, plus any other silliness they can think of, from their favorite beers to their least favorite jokes.
The Conference Room
Here we can discuss politics, sports, love, sex, religion, death and families
Religion Forum
Talk about your religion here.
Dc Comics
Come and discuss all Batman related comics, characters, creators, movies, and everything else. Even batarangs.
Dc Universe
Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Teen Titans, The Legion, you name it...If its related to the DCU in any way, shape or form, you can talk about it here!
Super-fans of the Man of Steel, come discuss and read about the latest buzz and info on the Super-family members! Whether its comic book, movie or toon media, this is your Fortress of Solitude!
discuss all things WildStorm
Marvel Comics
New, Mighty, Young, Initiative, Illuminati or Next -- Assemble here to discuss Avengers team and solo titles!
While WORLD WAR HULK may have concluded, Hulk's world is about to get even bigger. Talk about anything Hulk related here.
Talk about anything Spider-Man, from animated series to movies to games.
Marvel Universe
Talk about your favorite Marvel Universe titles here (well, except those covered by the other Marvel forums!)!
in here you can discuss anything X-Men.
Versus Forum
Comic Book Versus
here is your chance to simulate your dream battle between your favourite comic characters and/or teams.
Video Game Versus
create your own fights between characters from your favourite videogames or even just compare two games to find out which is better quality.
Movie Versus
everything from Bond vs Bourne to Luke Skywalker vs Frodo, post your fantasy match ups here.
Anime/Manga Versus
ever wanted to see who would win a fight between Gohan and Naruto?, find out here.
Transformers Versus
Post your dream transformer match here.
Anything Goes Versus
Comics, movies, games, anime/manga, real people, animal, etc. e.g George Washington vs Venom
Comic Book Tournaments !
Here we will host comic book tournaments.
Comic Book Tier Reference Guide
In this thread we will classify characters in a tier group setting.
Comic Book Questions
Have any comic book related question then this is the place to ask.
Respect Forums
Comic Respect

Celeb Respect
celeb Bios and filmography here...
Book Club
Here is where all books can be discussed.
For all your anime needs.. Books, comics, movie and films
Comic Book Movies
here is where we will discuss all comic book movies, your favourite, your least favourite, to upcoming movies.
Here we can discuss movies of all kinds.
T.V Shows
Let us know your fav Tv shows or any cartoons that you watch
talk about all the wonderful musical things that please your ear juices.
Video Games
discull all things related to videogames.

Foreign Cinema
Discuss all things Foreign Movie related, Bollywood, Nollywood, etc, etc,
Car Forums
Discuss anything about cars here.
Pen & Ink
Artist's Creations
For creations that are not signatures
Poet's Corner

Sig Gallery
created a sig and want to showcase it? post them here in your own thread.
Sig Contests
here we will host our sig contests.
Sig Duels
Here we will have out signature Duels
Writer's Blog
Here is where writers are free to express their ideas.
Online Gaming
Video Games Online
Here is a general place to discuss the fast growing Online Gaming industry.
Battlestar Galactica Online
Here is the place to discuss the popular browser game based off the Battlestar Galactica show.
Star Trek Online
Here is the place to discuss Star Trek Online
D.C Online
The D.C universe has a MMO that is growing in popularity, here is the place to discuss the game
Lord of the Rings Online
A place to discuss the Lord of the Rings MMO
This is for Starlock's WIng, The StarBlazers on BSGO
Dungeons & Dragons Online
Dungeons & Dragons online MMO, here we discuss the roleplaying originator.
Movie Franchises
Star Trek
Love Star Trek, then this is the place to discuss it.
Star Wars
This is the place to discuss your favorite Star Wars franchise
Lord of the Rings
A place ti discuss the world created by Tolkien
James Bond
A place to discuss the James Bond movies.
All talk about the armored warriors.
Roleplay Forums
Roleplay Ideas
Have an idea for a roleplay then post them here.
Shaolin Saviors
Here starlock will host his own roleplay
The Deadly Addictions
This will be where Joseph F.Ulses, author of The Mushroom King, will further explore the world of The Deadly Addictions
Team Authority Franchise
Mutant Academy
Written for the forum by Marea
Comics,FanFiction and banners
Got a comic based on team authority or banners for member of the month then post them here,
Head Quarters

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